Get Fit With Barbie, Testimonials“I committed to being fit because I was sick and tired of having a yo-yo effect on my lifestyle since I was a very young child. I had tried fad diets my whole life and nothing worked in lasting. My rock bottom was when I picked up my 6yr old brother from school one day, and as I told him to slow down on eating his pizza because he wanted to grow upwards not sideways, he asked me “Why is that how you got fat, eating a lot?”. That really hit home and I realized, that “YES. That is how I had gotten fat. Now, not only was I fat at that point, but I was a bad role model for my brother.” I YouTubed transformation videos and came across I have done p90x, Slim in 6, Chalean Extreme, Turbo Fire, Brazil Butt Lift, and am going on a round of Chalean Extreme again.

My life has changed completely as a direct result of weight loss. My confidence, I now fit into a bikini after 8 yrs (and at that, I only wore one once in my life), I am able to help my clients with confidence knowing they too can have great results. I now am a Beachbody coach on Barbie’s team, The Empire & I LOVE the connections that I’ve made and hey, it sure doesn’t hurt that Beachbody is paying the bulk of my bills. I am surrounded by great people, I get emails that flow to me about how much people appreciate my support, and I feel valued. Now, even people that wouldn’t have normally taken to me, are open to me, because I am open to myself!

Barbie has directly helped me many times, in friend to friend talks, being real with me in regards to certain eating patterns that I had that were unhealthy, Barbie made me realize that alcohol was robbing me of my dreams, she has also helped me build an amazing online business doing exactly what she does! I know that I will forever have her in my life & I love that! She is always there to lead by example and motive me! I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing support!”