Get Fit With Barbie, Testimonials“In May of 2011 I looked in the mirror and did not recognize the woman staring back at me. I weighed in at 298 pounds (150 pounds over my normal weight); I was overweight, stressed, and sad, depressed and felt defeated. Then I found Beachbody and Karma Chow and they changed my life. Since last may I have lost 60 pounds by eating clean and working out with various beach body workouts. In January I joined a Barbie’s Fit Challenge and have found myself not only getting fitter but also inspired, motivated and happy. Beachbody is something that I believe in as I watch myself and others transform and become a product of the product.My life is still a work in progress because I’m still on a journey to lose 100 pounds this year. With my recent transformation and success I feel like a new woman, I feel healthier, stronger motivated and inspired to continue my journey and meet my fitness goal.
My coach Barbie Decker has been my inspiration through my journey, she is there to answer any questions I may have about fitness and nutrition and also keeps me motivated. She is a true support system.”